1. The following can take part in the Promotion:
    • Users who are registered on the Site as a buyer and who have performed all necessary actions in accordance with the terms of this Promotion and placed an order for more than 99,99 euros
  2. The participant of the Promotion gets the right to receive the service of organization of transportation free of charge shipments under the terms of this Promotion.
  3. Website - a website with the domain name lachocolaterie-mauriac.com, owned by the Organizer of the Promotion - Laurence Sourzat, which provides users with the opportunity to order online and buy in the traditional (non-Internet) way a wide range of sweets posted on the Internet at: https://lachocolaterie-mauriac.com
  4. Personal data of the Promotion Participants are processed in accordance with the conditions use of the appropriate software resource of the Organizer / Logistics Partner.
  5. Period of validity of the Promotion: from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 inclusive. These Rules of the Promotion come into force from the date of their placement on the official website of the Promotion (Seller's personal account).
  6. Shipment - cargo (goods / orders), which is specified in the relevant express invoice and transferred by the sender to the Logistics Partner to provide services for the organization of transportation of the shipment. The number of Dispatches within the framework of this Promotion per One Participant is unlimited.
  7. Violation of these Rules by the Participant of the Promotion or refusal of the Promotion Participant to properly comply with the terms of these Rules is considered a refusal to participate in the Promotion, the seller has no right to receive from the Organizer and / or third parties persons of any compensation.
  8. If You have any questions about the Promotion, write through the feedback form in the "Contacts" page or by phone If you have any questions about delivery, please contact La Poste at https://www.laposte.fr/ 
  9. The territory of the Action is France